The adNET Way: Proactive, Not Reactive

The adNET Way: Proactive, Not Reactive

It’s important to ensure your company's network is closely monitored and secured to maintain smooth business flow and avoid downtime. The adNET Way is to approach technology problem-solving proactively, rather than re-actively, to prevent issues from arising in the first place. 

This proactive approach means searching for weaknesses, in both the technology and processes that could lead to problems somewhere down the line, and addressing them right away. Instead of the break/fix method of repairing issues only when they occur, a proactive approach protects your systems from issues before they happen.

Proactive vs. Reactive

With a proactive approach, you can anticipate potential problems you’ll face and implement solutions from the beginning. Take for instance passwords - many organizations implement a password policy that involves regularly updates or a certain amount of complexity. However, that still leaves the opportunity for credentials to be compromised by a phishing attack or key-logger. The policy may be a good first step, but the truly proactive step to take would be to add a second layer of security - multi-factor authentication.

Or how about backups? Backups can feel like a set it and forget it item, but without testing them regularly, you wouldn't know something is wrong with them until you need to recover an item, or even worse, your entire environment that was just hijacked by ransomware. Regular testing would let you know ahead of time that something has gone wrong with the backup process and needs to be addressed ASAP before disaster strikes.

This is much more effective than a reactive approach that only addresses problems when a ticket is generated. A reactive approach leaves more to chance:

  • Extended downtime / lost productivity
  • Excessive costs
  • Security issues

On the other hand, a proactive approach offers many benefits that keep systems running smoothly:

  • Save time by getting the right solution the first time
  • Avoid frustration and loss by reducing downtime 
  • Increase security by mitigating risk of a cyber attack
  • Enhance productivity by finding better solutions

Our Approach - The adNET Way

While we work swiftly to resolve issues that do come up, part of #TheadNETWay is putting in work ahead of time to prevent those problems. Prevention is always better than a cure and your organization will work more smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with a proactive approach.

Investing in resources that anticipate threats and offer preventive measures is the most effective way to avoid adverse effects on your company. With a proactive approach, your organization can thrive without the worry that your technology will cause major damage or interruptions.

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