Who Provides IT Support For Law Firms In Elgin, IL?

Who Provides IT Support For Law Firms In Elgin, IL?

The legal profession requires an extraordinary amount of education, research, and perfect execution of the craft — leaving little time for fussing with technology. As a result, law firms in and around Elgin, IL often struggle to stay up to date with the latest equipment, software, and cloud storage solutions. They may also leave their associates wanting for adequate security and advanced solutions to their biggest firm-wide challenges.

In this post, we’ll be going over the most pressing challenges that law firms in Elgin face. Of course, we’ll also touch on the exact IT support law firms need to solve these problems and advance their firms to the head of the herd.

What Are the Biggest Technological Challenges Elgin Law Firms Face?

1. Security
Security issues are at the heart of most technology-related matters at law firms. Recent security breaches in law firms around the nation have made headlines and caused a significant stir in the community. Clients are increasingly curious as to the safety of their personal and financial information when handed over to legal professionals, and the FBI has even issues warnings to several firms about keeping client information safe and secure.
For the most part, legal firms face three issues that may compromise their security:

  • Viruses and Malware: These are bits of code that can completely disrupt your legal firm’s system and cause massive disrepair, including destroyed or stolen files and corrupted data.
  • Phishing: Hackers want to get information out of you in the easiest way possible. With phishing, they use clever tactics to get you to donate the information they want (social security numbers, passwords, personal data, etc.).
  • Phone Scams & Phone Hacking: You’d think that at least the phone lines at your law firm would be safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Even your phone lines can be hacked by criminals, who will freely take the information you exchange there when you speak with clients, associates, witnesses, and others. Moreover, personnel at your law firm may fall prey to phone scammers who impersonate law enforcement officials and other professionals and attempt to receive freely given personal information and money from their victims.

As a law firm in Elgin, you want to be able to assure your clients that their personal and financial information is 100 percent safe and secure. But in nearly all situations, the only way to do this is to hire a seasoned IT services company in the Elgin area to handle your information technology (IT). The particular IT services law firms require must be allocated to a professional IT services company that specializes in law firm technology service. At adNET, we’ve been assisting law firms and lawyers in the Elgin area for over 20 years.
2. Cloud Computing
Today, the majority of data is stored in the cloud. In many ways, it’s easier and safer. You can access your information from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, and storage limits are as big as you want them to be.
Unfortunately, many law firms aren’t up-to-date with the latest in cloud computing. The information and data they store on their local servers are vulnerable, and they may run into trouble accessing information when servers are down or when associates are traveling or working from home. With the help of a qualified IT services company, comprehensive cloud computing can be set up at your Elgin firm, streamlining absolutely everything you do and helping your firm stay even safer from possible cyber-attacks.
3. Collaboration and Communication
Seasoned lawyers and legal staff know that regular communication with clients is essential to maintaining a high-quality practice. Clients who don’t feel noticed and cared for may go elsewhere; poor communication is the perfect recipe for a failing firm.
Still, quick, easy, and secure communication is difficult with subpar technological equipment and programs. While most legal staff regularly employ the use of the latest technology on a personal level, it’s less likely for staff to adopt these same levels of technology in their work.
With the right IT support company. However, appropriate programs and software can be implemented into a legal practice to provide optimal communication and collaboration possibilities. This means fast, easy, and completely secure communication wherever you are.
4. Litigation
“Litigation” in and of itself is not a challenge for lawyers. After all, it’s what you do!
What is a challenge in this day and age is keeping up with other lawyers who are utilizing the latest in technology to prepare their cases for litigation? For the most part (and up until about a decade ago), the majority of litigation was prepared with the use of file folders, pens and pencils, paper and legal pads, notebooks, etc.
Today, all of the processes done with these tools can be translated to the computer and made it much easier with the latest technology. Research, analyzation, organization, collaboration, and report generation are all more straightforward with a computer — not to mention organization and presentation of graphics, picture and video.
With the help of a well-qualified IT services company in Elgin, all of these processes can be streamlined and optimized.

adNET Provides Comprehensive IT Support to Law Firms in Elgin, IL

For more than 20 years, adNET has been providing the high-quality, individualized IT support law firms deserve. Do you own or manage a law firm in Elgin? Are you a lawyer in the Chicago or Madison, Wisconsin area? adNET can help you solve the IT challenges you face regularly and improve your relationships with clients and associates. Contact us today for more information.

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