Who Provides IT Support Chicago Businesses Can Trust

Who Provides IT Support Chicago Businesses Can Trust

Smart law firms have a strong grasp on technology and an eye on the future. With help from the best IT support Chicago has to offer, these firms are upping their litigation game, improving communication between clients and associates, and making otherwise advances to improve their practices.
If you're looking for a Chicago IT support company to partner your Elgin law firm with, it's important to choose wisely. Not all IT companies offer the same quality of service, nor are all IT firms familiar with legal practices and the specific challenges lawyers face. Below, we've outlined some pain points you'll want to pay special attention to when choosing an IT support company for your Chicago legal practice.

The Best IT Support Chicago Businesses Trust

Like other Chicago businesses have done, your Elgin law firm can start using new technology to your advantage and improving your computing, software, and cloud services. It all begins with identifying the unique challenges your firm faces. The IT services Chicago area law firms like yours require will be primarily based on the struggles and trials you regularly encounter.

What Are the Most Common Challenges Elgin Law Firms Face?

Slow-running technology
You can’t expect to run an efficient law firm or tackle cases to the best of your ability when technology is sluggish or not to work at all. This downtime is costly — as is hiring a one-off IT company in the area to fix it. The better solution is to engage the top IT support Chicago has to offer as a managed service provider.
A managed service provider gives you reliable support for a fixed monthly fee. adNET provides technology management for numerous businesses in the Chicago area, including Elgin based law firms. We specialize in law firm technology management. With our support, your downtime will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated. When you do encounter problems, an expert will be there to assist in the emergency, and you should be up and running again in no time.
Security Breaches
Security breaches remain a significant threat to businesses of all types throughout the Chicago area. First and foremost, your cloud data and other stored information must be adequately protected using a multi-pronged approach. Hackers and other criminals are eager to access personal and financial information no matter your line of business. But information possessed by legal practices is especially tantalizing to them.
Although you may know not to respond to emails that look fishy and ask for personal information (phishing emails) or give personal information to fake law enforcement officials over the phone (phone scammers), other employees at your legal practice may not know this. Just by handing over a few bits of key information to these criminals, their scams can take down your entire practice. It’s been done before — the reputations of several large law firms have been damaged beyond repair by security breaches.
Other threatening security issues include:

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Phone line hacks
  • Ransomware

With the help of a reliable IT services company like adNET, these breaches can be prevented or quickly righted before severe damage is done.
Disorganized data organization and communication
For an Elgin law firm to survive and thrive, all case files, personal information, financial and payroll information, schedules, forms, litigation, and many other types of data must be stored in an organized and secure manner. Moreover, it must be easily reachable and manageable by those who have secure access.
For professional lawyers and their staff, this is harder than it may seem.
An organization like this simply isn't done with paper, file folders, and cabinets anymore. It’s done with computers, cloud storage solutions, and files that can be accessed from anywhere around the world and collaborated on in real-time. If all of this sounds daunting to you, you're not alone.
Many legal practices have been left in the dust by advancing technologies, and they've suffered because of it. The smart law practices in Elgin, on the other hand, embrace these technologies and learn how to use them to their advantage.
You can too with the help we provide at adNET Technology Management. We'll take on all of these challenges for you, providing you with better hardware, software, cloud computing services, cybersecurity support, and more.

The IT Support Chicago Area Businesses Need

While adNET can greatly assist Elgin law firms, we can most certainly provide comprehensive IT services in a myriad of fields. So, if you own a business in the Chicago area — whether it’s a legal firm, CPA firm, construction company, healthcare practice, or manufacturing business — we’re here to help!
Is your business looking for a total IT solution in Chicago? With our managed IT services, you can choose from three levels of service:
1. Complete Solution Service
This is our most comprehensive solution. You'll benefit from enterprise-level IT services at a fraction of the cost. We will manage everything technology-related at your firm.
2. Advanced Solution Service
With this level of service, adNET takes care of things like accessibility, reliability, and security while you focus on the more important aspects of your business.
3. Co-Managed Solution Service
Finally, with our co-managed solution, we supplement your own internal IT department, offering you more technical expertise and skill that your own IT employees may not specialize in.
adNET is proud always to provide IT strategic planning and predictable costs with our IT solutions. With our services, the goal is that you’ll never have to worry about data security or limited productivity again.
If you would like to learn more about the IT solutions and services we provide at adNET, please contact us today — we're always here for you.

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