IT Security vs. Employee Efficiency: Can You Have Both?

IT Security vs. Employee Efficiency: Can You Have Both?

The stats surrounding IT security can be overwhelming, and for those of us who keep on top of everything to better protect others it can feel like a firehose that just won’t shutoff. Last year saw new records regarding data breaches and cyberattacks, much of which was due to the shift in working environments and increasing complexity of threats.

The conversation about balancing IT security vs. employee efficiency is a tricky one for organizations of every size, and has left some businesses in a tough spot. Those who have tightened security measures often report that company-wide productivity suffers, but the trade-off can be disastrous. Although productivity and efficiency are critical to success, without security measures in place you risk it all - your data, your reputation, and ultimately your business.

So, can you have both?

The Imbalance Between Security and Business Operations

Following the pandemic, many businesses have seen either security or efficiency slip as they try to maintain operations. However, we believe that organizations can have both and that in fact IT security relies on operational efficiency, and vice versa.

A recent survey shows that IT teams have started to ignore security in favor of business operations. Of those surveyed, 91% have felt pressured to compromise on security, with 76% saying security has taken a backseat, and 83% feeling that working from home has created a ticking time bomb. In some cases, companies are leaving major security gaps unaddressed and the consequences could be quite harmful.

On top of it all, the pandemic sure didn’t lead to any reduction in threats. IT security should not be viewed as a hassle now or ever—it’s necessary to keep your businesses running, regardless of your size or current IT capacity. Research shows that following a cyber-attack, 60% of small businesses will fail.

The key is to find a balance between security and business efficiency as challenges continue to grow. Finding the right approach will determine your organization’s future success!

IT Security vs. Employee Efficiency: The Challenges

Many organizations lean towards one or the other: security or productivity. When security is the major area of focus, productivity can suffer because of a lack of awareness across the organization, as well as the result of poorly implemented security systems.

On the other hand, when organizations try to work around security measures, this can pose one of the greatest risks to the organization long-term – a slippery slope of developing a lax attitude toward security. Ignoring essential safeguards and best practices leaves the door open to incidents.

Balancing IT Security and Employee Effectiveness

In today's world, everyone in the company needs to be engaged and aware of the threats that exist. This is much easier to work towards, when you get your team engaged and work together towards a system that is secure and user-friendly.

When done correctly, enhanced security tools and measures will enhance workflow and everyday operations, as well as ensure safety and growth. In short, helping your staff as they work to tighten up security and stay effective will have positive effects on your organization. Don’t compromise! Your business can remain secure while maintaining efficient operations.

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