How Effective Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

How Effective Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is one of the most important aspects of any organization's security strategy. It helps employees understand the importance of cybersecurity, and how to protect themselves and their company from attacks.

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is a program - a combination of educational materials, simulated attacks, and tools - to help employees identify dangerous situations and apply best practices for avoiding them.

Training can be delivered in-person or online depending on the course you choose. Many IT companies even offer training courses that can be customized to educate your employees about the unique threats your industry or business faces. Common topics include subjects like ransomware, phishing, the principle of least privilege, and best practices.

Why Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Important?

In the past, cybersecurity awareness training was often seen as a compliance measure, something required to check off a box on a compliance audit, but not necessarily valuable. However, times have changed and cybersecurity training is now recognized as an important part of any organization's security strategy.

There are several reasons for this change in attitudes. First, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and common. Every day, we read about another company that has been the victim of a cyberattack. As these become more common, it's important for employees to understand how to protect themselves and their company.

Second, the cost of these cyberattacks is increasing. A single incident can cost an organization millions of dollars in damages, and the costs are only increasing as they become more sophisticated. According to IBM reports, the average cost of a cybersecurity breach in 2022 is $4.35 million.

Does Cybersecurity Awareness Training Really Help?

The short answer is yes, cybersecurity awareness training is effective in reducing the risk of cyberattacks. The main reason is because around 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.

So training your employees to identify and report potential threats goes a long way to reducing your chances of being attacked. Additionally, even average performing cybersecurity awareness programs have a thirty-seven fold ROI.

How to Get Started

The first step is to choose a cybersecurity awareness training program that meets your needs. There are many different programs available, so it's important to choose one that is right for your organization.

One of the best ways to ensure training is effective is by including your cybersecurity training program as part of the onboarding process for new employees. This ensures that everyone joining your organization starts off on the right foot - up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices.

You should also make this training a part of your ongoing employee education program. This can be done by offering monthly or quarterly training sessions, sending out regular cybersecurity awareness tips, or hosting an annual cybersecurity awareness day.

Train Your Employees

By making cybersecurity awareness training a part of your organization, you can help reduce the risk of cyberattacks and keep your employees and business data safe. 

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