What Advantages Does a Local Health Management IT Solutions Provider Bring to the Table?

What Advantages Does a Local Health Management IT Solutions Provider Bring to the Table?

Why is a Chicagoland Foot and Ankle Clinic Sticking with a Local Health Management IT Provider?

When a Chicagoland Foot and Ankle Clinic left an Indianapolis IT company that charged them a lot of money without providing onsite service. adNET came in and implemented systems for the clinic's healthcare IT services in Chicago to seamlessly link Hardware as a Service, firewalls, switches and the Microsoft Office 365 suite..
With adNET, the clinic pays less and enjoys better service, including onsite support and training from a local, responsive team of technicians. This was a welcome change versus an out-of-state company they never saw. The staff at the clinic appreciate the help of a healthcare-focused IT company based in the Chicago area and recommend adNET to other local medical clinics that no longer need to look outside of the city for great healthcare IT services.

What's the Advantage of Healthcare IT solutions in Chicago for On-Site Support?

Remote support has advanced in recent years, but sometimes a face-to-face visit solves the problem in a fraction of the time. Remotely responding to the variety of problems that crop up in healthcare management systems leaves customers in a lurch or distracts them from performing their regular duties. When critical systems are offline, IT providers need to be local and available to get clinics and medical facilities back online fast. Dealing with out-of-state and overbooked IT providers is frustrating and time-consuming.
Work with a local IT service provider like adNET and get technology experts who come to your location to diagnose and fix problems right away. When IT problems are solved quickly, medical professionals can focus on treating patients and growing their business.

How Does a Chicago Healthcare IT Solutions Provider Ensure a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan?

If your clinic or office experiences a natural disaster, power failure or another catastrophic event, it often has a big impact on your technology solution. In addition to cleaning up the mess and dealing with your insurance, you could spend hours on the phone trying to describe system problems so that your out-of-state provider can make a diagnosis and tell you how to fix it.
A remote IT service provider is limited in troubleshooting a systems problem with a non-technical staff member and it’s unlikely that the problem will be identified and resolved quickly.
On the other hand, a local provider can come to you to quickly diagnose and fix the problem, perhaps in a single visit. This allows healthcare professionals to get on with opening their businesses while the expert works on the solution.

Why is Training from a Chicago Healthcare IT Services Company Important to Health Management System Users?

Even for clinics with a workforce that's technology savvy, changes to software, hardware and business processes can cause confusion, which could be avoided. The best way to keep everyone up to speed is to conduct a training session with the local IT provider, who can provide guidance and documentation on the changes.
When the staff feels comfortable, it's much easier to maximize the changes and upgrades so that you get the benefit that you expected from the first day.
A virtual provider can send over materials and provide remote support, but they can't be on-site on a regular basis to conduct training, answer questions, and monitor performance. This hands-on service is valuable because staff members learn the system more thoroughly, meaning they can be more efficient in their work.

Does a Local Provide Give More Personalized Attention?

Every clinic and healthcare office is unique, and has resources and needs that don't fit into any template that a non-local provider may prepare. A local Chicago-based IT Health Management provider can customize their service to your needs.
A local IT provider gives you the personalized attention that's hard to come by in the world of technology. With adNET you get world-class services that are the best among IT Healthcare solutions in Chicago. You can even get someone to come in on short notice and spend whatever time is necessary to solve a problem or train the staff on new features.

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