File Sharing Solutions for Construction Companies in Illinois

File Sharing Solutions for Construction Companies in Illinois

Anyone involved in construction knows just how complicated managing a project is. With contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and clients, it can be almost impossible to keep everyone on the same page. By using electronic file sharing, you can literally get everyone on the same page by making sure that everyone is looking at the same plans, blueprints, and other key documents at all times.

Where the Typical General Contractor Loses Efficiency and Money

Contractors face a number of challenges, but most of the friction comes when someone else needs to do something. A large firm may have multiple teams and offices with people spread across different job sites depending on which stage the project is in. You're also waiting for subcontractors to have availability and get back to you.
This often leads to documents being sent around by paper, email, consumer file-sharing services, hand delivery, and postal mail. It can be hard to know who has the most up-to-date version of a document or if your on-site team is even aware of the latest changes your client sent to the architect. In addition, you lose time converting between file types and still having someone unable to open what you sent them.

How an Enterprise File Sync and Share Platform (EFSS) Can Help

Enterprise file sync and share platforms for general contractors are specifically designed to overcome these challenges and boost your efficiency. They offer instant collaboration, file conversion, and data security that the typical workarounds don't provide.


With electronic file sync, files don't live on anyone's computer. There is no sending files around and worrying about having to merge versions or lose edits.
Instead, everyone with access to the file accesses the latest version directly online. Any changes are updated in real-time, and access controls prevent multiple users from unknowingly creating multiple versions that each thinks is the latest.
If more resource-intensive software does require you to work offline, you also have the ability to lock the online version while you work on it. You can then add the latest version with a timestamp and notes that make it clear to everyone which file they should rely on.

File Conversion

From basic word processing to CAD software, everyone has their favorite programs. One office may require everything to be sent in a file type that another can't even open. If a question arises when your architect is out meeting clients and your site manager is in the field, it could be hours or even days before someone can save the original file in a new format.

EFSS platforms are compatible with the most-used file types in the industry and can automatically convert between file types when two users choose different software.

Data Security

Even for a routine project like a three-bedroom house, a data breach may compromise information about customers, employees, business operations, or trade secrets. This information might be used by identity thieves or your competitors, or it could simply cause your company embarrassment.
Traditional file sharing networks might work for students collaborating on homework assignments, but they don't provide the security you need in a commercial operation. Commercial-grade EFSS platforms provide a higher level of security through encryption, firewalls, and enhanced access controls.

Boost Your Efficiency and Security With Our EFSS Solutions

Creating a secure file sharing solution might seem expensive and time-consuming, but the real productivity costs are if you keep doing what you're doing. Let us show you exactly how we can make your projects more efficient and save you money by scheduling a demo today.

How We Can Help

If you are a general contractor in Illinois interested in taking a closer look at how a Managed IT Service Company can help your construction firm succeed, contact us to meet our team or visit our IT Services for Construction page to learn more. We have extensive knowledge and experience helping general contractors and construction firms overcome their technological challenges.

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