3 Technology Resources That Can Help Medical Offices Work More Efficiently

3 Technology Resources That Can Help Medical Offices Work More Efficiently
It’s undeniable that we’re all extremely grateful for the endless hours and hard work that all medical professionals are doing right now to help with the COVID-19 outbreak. As the US continues to lead in cases of the virus, it’s important that everything and anything is done to help those in the medical industry work more efficiently.There are many technology resources that can make processes in the healthcare industry more efficient and reliable. As healthcare organizations turn to Managed Service Providers to implement these resources, they can more effectively focus on what matters most right now and always—patient care. Here are three technology resources that can help medical offices work more efficiently:

24/7 Remote Monitoring

As this virus continues to infect and unfortunately, in some cases, cause death, it’s clear that there can be no downtime when it comes to physically caring for and testing patients. 
A healthcare-focused IT professional can help implement 24/7 remote monitoring to ensure that all systems and devices within these medical offices are running optimally at all times. This ensures that any downtime is kept to a minimum and that patches can be immediately made to help strengthen any security vulnerabilities that may arise. 
This round-the-clock system monitoring helps to prevent hackers who are trying to exploit the vulnerability of medical facilities who cannot devote much attention to their IT right now. As unfortunate as it is that threat actors would want to take advantage of vulnerable healthcare organizations at a time like this, the reality exists, and it’s important that your IT provider keep your systems safe so you can focus on patient care without interruptions.

Regular HIPAA Assessments and Compliance Services

It’s essential that HIPAA assessments are still done and that medical organizations are still compliant right now due to the overwhelming intake of patients under their care. 
The data that they are collecting is highly sensitive, especially as it relates to COVID-19. Hackers will want to steal that data, so it’s essential to make sure that you remain compliant with cybersecurity regulations to avoid non-compliance fines, ransomware fees, and more.  
A Managed Service Provider can offer assessment and compliance services, making sure your office avoids costly data breaches, patient lawsuits, and more. By making sure you’re not overlooking any weaknesses in your technology, a provider who has worked with healthcare businesses can further reduce downtime and keep your systems running efficiently. 
From identifying PHI-containing system vulnerabilities to developing solutions to safeguard your data, these assessments and compliance services are an investment worth having for your medical office.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

It’s clear that medical resources are being overwhelmed at the moment and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. This is because even when the virus is contained, there still could be the risk of second, third, or fourth waves. Not only that, but there’s still plenty of cases that will need caring for. 
Business with continuity planning can be a huge resource for your organization to identify weak areas in your infrastructure that are being exposed as medical resources become overwhelmed. Having a strategy for performing regular data backups and plans for incident recovery can ensure that your organization is prepared for the current emergency situation as well as any future emergencies. 
Business continuity and disaster recovery services as provided by a healthcare-focused MSP are essential when you’re dealing with all this confidential and valuable data. If it gets lost, compromised, or stolen, the impact could be devastating and set your medical office back on all the work and effort that has gone into collecting the data so far. 
Technology resources are essential for any business during these uncertain times, and medical offices can benefit greatly from the resources that a managed IT services company can provide. The above resources can help prioritize your greatest technology needs and allow your healthcare personnel to focus on patient care. The healthcare industry is working hard to control this pandemic, and any technology resources or aid that can further assist in this effort is well worth the investment.

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